Ph.D in Clinical Neurosciences

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Research Residents

Dr. Leena Shingavi (2017- ongoing) 

Research Interest: Neuromuscular Disorders, Peripheral Neuropathies, Dementia

Dr.Shweta Prasad (2016- 2021)

Research Interests: Movement Disorders, Neuroimaging

Dr. Farooq Ali Syed (2016- 2021)

Dr.Sravya P (2014- 2020)

Research Interest: Mitochondrial abnormalities in Glioblastoma (Neuro oncology)


               Dr. Albert Stezin  (2014-2020)

Research Interests: Movement disorders, genetics, proteomics, neuroimaging

Dr .Nikhil Ratna  (2014-2020)
Research Interests :

Huntington's Disease, proteomics, genomics, Drosophila and cellular models 

Dr.Raga Sudha (2014-2020)

Research Interest: Movement disorders.

Dr.Kiran Polavarapu  (2014-2020)

Research interest: Neuromuscular disorders.

Dr. Raviteja (2013-2018)

Research Interest: Dementia and retinal imaging

Dr. Abhishek Lenka (2013- 2018)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Movement Disorders

Dr. PREETHISH KUMAR.V (2013-2018)

RESEARCH INTEREST: Neuromuscular Disorders

Dr. Hari Krishna B (2013- 2020)  

Dual PhD (NIMHANS-University of Liverpool)

RESEARCH INTEREST: Autoimmune disorders of CNS; 

Dr. Shwetha Chiplunkar (2012- 2017)

Research Interest : Pediatric Neurology

Dr. Soundarya S (2012- 2017)

Research Interest : Genetics/Epigenetics of Alcohol Use Disorders

Dr. Vel Murugan (2012-2017)

Research Interest : Epilepsy and M.E.G

Dr. Mrunal Bandawar (2012- 2018)
 Dual PhD (NIMHANS-University of Liverpool)
Research Interest: Addiction medicine and Cognitive Neurosciences

Dr. Salah Basheer (2012- 2017)
Research Interest: Neurodevelopmental disorders and Immunology

Dr. Cauchy Pradhan (2006-2012)

Dr. Lakshminarayana K (2007-2013)
Current designation: Research Associate, DBT funded project in the Department of Psychiatry (Molecular genetics), NIMHANS, Bangalore.

Dr. Bhavanishankar B (2007-2012)
Current designation: Scientist B at ICMR, Bangalore.

Dr. Ashok M (2009-2014)

Research Interest : Neuro-Trauma

Current designation:  Scientist C (Medical) at National Institute of Epidemiology (ICMR), Chennai.

Dr. Ketaki Jhawar (2009-2014)

Research Interest : Movement Disorders

Dr. Shivakumar (2009-2014)

Research Interest : Schizophrenia & Neuro-Imaging

Current designation: Postdoctoral Research Associate & Young Scientist (DHR-ICMR)‚Äč

Translational Psychiatry Lab,
Department of Psychiatry, NIMHANS

Dr. Akhil Deepika (2010-2015)

Research Interest : Neuro-Trauma

Dr. Arun H Shastry (2010-2015)
Research interest: Neuro Oncology

Current Designation : Medical Scientist

Affiliation: Applied Genetics, Bangalore

Dr. Rakesh B (2010-2015)

Research Interest : Dementia & Neuro-Imaging

2015 - 2016: Joint Clinical Research Associate at Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology, University of Hamburg and L V Prasad eye institute, Hyderabad. Involved EEG, MRI and Eye tracking to identify critical brain changes involved in cross modal neuro-plasticity.
2016 - present: Joint Post Doctoral fellow at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby & University of British Columbia, Vancouver. working towards identifying bio-markers for early detection of dementia (AD, FTD, vascular dementia, DLB) and developing cum validating them using automated classifiers.

Dr.Sonam (2010-2015)

Research interest: Pediatric neurology, mitochondrial disorders

Dr.Vikas Dhiman  


Research interests: Difficult-to-treat epilepsies, EEG and Neurogenetics

Present Designation: Consultant Epileptologist and EEG specialist, Department of Neurology, Ivy Hospital, Panchkula, Haryana

Dr. Chetan Nayak (2011-2016)
Research Interest: Sleep Disorders and epilepsy
Current designation:

Dr. Sowmyashree M  (2011-2016)
Research Interest: Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Ketan Jhunjhunwala  (2011-2016)
Research Interest : Movement Disorders 
Current designation: Resident Neurology Palmetto Health/USC SC

Dr. Chaitanya Ganne  (2011-2016)

Research Interests: Epilepsy & Signal and image processing

Current designation:

Dr. Gregor Thomas  (2011-2016)
Research Interest : Dementias
Current designation: pursing MD psychiatry in NIMHANS